So this is the page where I get to show off my creative projects! You know when you're just sitting around and an interesting idea suddenly appears inside your head; and you wonder to yourself, "Gee, I wonder how that would look in real life?" Well, that's exactly what I like to do! As an artist it's important to constantly challenge yourself, and I'm happy to share my attempts here with you. Check back every month or two for something new and (hopefully) exciting! -Evan




"New Zealand - South Island

by Bicycle" - September 2008

My latest project is a book entitled, “New Zealand - South Island by Bicycle”, where you will experience just that: The scenic beauty of the South Island of New Zealand from a cyclist’s perspective. This was a collaboration project with Brooks Institute graduate, Rachel Greenbaum. We spent almost 3 weeks on bicycles, pedaled 500 miles, and met lots of interesting characters along the way. Click on the link to the left for a book preview and ordering information!


"Inside Out" - August 2007

My latest project digs into the classic impossible question: 

What really goes on inside the brain of a woman?

...and while I may never get the answer to that particular gem, I can at least offer a different perspective. Nothing in life is one dimensional, and in this project we will explore two sides of one woman's mind, body, and soul. The results may be surprising.

To view this project, please follow the link by clicking here.








"Wide Awake" - December, 2006

Here's the idea:

Remake an episode of one of my favorites: "The Twilight Zone". But rather than giving it the traditional Hollywood makeover, use a stripped down approach. Simplicity is key here; No video and no audio. Tell the story using only still photographs in a slideshow format. This episode, "Mr. Bevis", written by the one and only Rod Serling, follows a man who is given a second chance to relive a really bad day. But this time, with a little help... "from above".

To view this video, please follow the link by clicking here.




Publications - Ongoing

Check out the following magazines/newspapers for some of my photographs from around the world!

  • Ventura County Reporter

  • Ventura Breeze

  • Digital Photographer

  • Pro Digital Imaging

  • Metal Maniacs!

  • Terrorizer




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